Inverter Design (4,000 Volts)


This project consisted of a two bridge circuit used to convert 24 Volts DC to 4,000 Volts AC. Circuits included high voltage power MOSFETs, step-up transformers, sensors, inverter controller, MOSFET drivers, safety shutdown circuits and a Microcontroller with embedded firmware to manage inverter operations.


  • Inverter capable of response to widely variable loads.
  • Inverter capable of power conversion performance with variable resonant loads.
  • Minimize cost
  • Design PC board to handle breakdown voltages > 6,000 Volts
  • Dual Inverter Assembly



Initial research and design calculations indicated material requirements and PC board layout rules. A team was assembled to address various tasks. All critical components were selected in cooperation with key suppliers, extensive computer simulations were carried out. Tests were performed to ensure the control system met requirements. This design was used to support various customers.