Laser Control Integrated Circuit


This project consisted of the architecture design for an IC containing analog and digital circuits used as part of an integrated controller for a 1 Gb/sec Optical Transceiver.

Customer Objectives

  • Determine internal block diagrams of a custom system IC.
  • Derive and document detailed analog specifications for each IC functional block
  • Address all product functional specifications
  • Conduct detailed models for each analog component including laser and photodiode
  • Conduct computer simulations for overall analog and digital performance
  • Make timing calculations and accuracy calculations to comply with product specifications



The architecture was delivered to the customer. Worst case calculations for all of the analog blocks determined the design path for a 90 nm integrated circuit. Calculations of performance for each block of the integrated circuit were simulated and an error budget was established. A special test tone signal was incorporated in the design in order to maintain laser stability over temperature and aging without disruption of data transmission.