We are seeking a computer programmer for a fast paced, collaborative team that is developing security systems, and wireless and satellite communications products.

Key Responsibilities

  • Be a key member of the technical staff that develops embedded and system applications
  • Leverage and improve existing code from prior generation systems
  • Develop wireless communication features for the products
  • Develop interfaces to customer systems
  • Incorporate cybersecurity measures into company products and services

Technical Requirements

  • BSCS, BSEE minimum. Degree in Computer Science with familiarity of embedded systems and electronic hardware, or a degree in Electrical Engineering with a specialty in computer programming
  • Experience in embedded programming, preferably 3 years, and a high GPA in degree education
  • C, C++ programming for embedded systems
  • Familiarity with D/A and A/D conversion, and electronic hardware


Desirable background

  • MS in Computer Science, or MSEE with specialty in computer programming
  • Knowledge of microcontrollers, ARM processors and development tools
  • Basic knowledge of security measures for embedded systems
  • C# language programming
  • Client-Server programming exposure
  • Familiarity with working in a fast-paced, small team project

Job Skills

  1. Understand how embedded program functionality is partitioned, structured and architected. Proven by providing samples of prior code written or by the technical interview
  2. Prior experience must have involved documentation of programs in flowcharts or with detailed text narratives placed as comments inside of the code.
  3. Prior experience must have involved generation of test plans for the code and reports to verify functionality and achieve reliability of the firmware
  4. Teamwork skills: Ability to communicate and collaborate with others in a team environment; ability to provide and receive inputs with positive attitude
  5. Must have used of be familiar with Agile Programming methodology

Job arrangement

  1. Candidate location: Southern California, preferably San Diego County.
  2. Work on location the majority of the time.
  3. Some amount of telecommuting acceptable
  4. Flexible work hours
  5. Job duration: Contract for hire evolving to a full time employee position at company discretion
  6. Pay rate: Negotiable
If you are interested in pursuing a career with us, please email your resume to