Reverse Engineering

In the maintenance process of equipment and systems our customers may face situations where a repair needs to be made to a given unit that has become obsolete. Or, there may be a need to conduct a Technology Refreshment in order to modernize the equipment to improve performance and reduce cost or size. If a parts supply is not available, then we are here to carry out the process of reverse engineering. We have a keen understanding of the processes needed for extracting knowledge or design information from existing systems whether electronic hardware, software or mechanics. The process often involves disassembling the part or system, analysis of its function, development of documentation, prototyping and testing of the final part.

The following are examples of processes we utilize for reverse engineering:

  • Characterization. The part of assembly that needs to be reproduced is characterized by conducting measurements of its electrical or mechanical functions.
  • Documentation. If the parts or systems lack documentation, we take steps to write performance specifications, or if needed, we upgrade paper documentation and convert it into CAD documentation by the generation of schematics, bill of materials and ME CAD drawings. Part of this step is the development of the manufacturing process required to build the part
  • Analysis. A new theory of operation for the design is generated with the needed mathematical backup that determines performance
  • Simulations. In some cases it is useful to conduct computer simulations of the system or part that is reengineered
  • Prototype and Qualification.The final part or system is built and tested to meet functional and environmental requirements

Our team is experienced with this work, which has been done for computers, electronic instrumentation and mechanical parts. Our tools for reverse engineering include circuit simulators and mechanical design tools. We are capable of converting complex paper documents used for aircraft parts into modern CAD documentation.