Research & Development

R&D Consulting

To achieve exceptional results we utilize a combination of theoretical and applied methods to address design challenges. We meticulously rely on electronic theory, mathematical models, extensive computer simulations, detailed performance specifications, careful physical implementations and strict qualification processes.

R&D Experience

  • Optical Electronics
  • Laser Control
  • Electro-Optics
  • Analog Design
  • Computer and multiprocessor parallel architectures
  • Test, prototype and documentation support


We have the expertise in the electrical design methods and principles required to meet requirements for radiated emissions, conducted emissions and ESD. For products with difficulty in meeting regulatory requirements, we develop a mathematical model for the product, determine the interference source, the coupling channel and the affected receiver or antenna, and then design a cost-effective solution to the problem.

Our company has invested in proprietary measurement tools and processes used for testing and resolving EMC/ESD/EMP issues. For example, we are able to pinpoint and probe effects of ESD on Microcontroller circuits and install a test fixture to diagnose leakage of radiated and conducted emissions. With our tools and expertise, we can help you meet tight schedules in projects with compliance issues.

Optical Electronics

Our optical electronics and laser control staff has the breadth of skills needed to design laser transceivers, microwave laser driver circuits, transmission lines, laser controls, analog detection and entire optical communications links. Our engineers have led with innovations and key developments in the transceiver industry.


We are presently engaged in research for innovative cybersecurity solutions.