Manufacturing & Assemblies

Our engineering team has vast experience in manufacturing and prototyping of new technology with elements of electronics, software and mechanics. We are capable of taking products and systems from a Technology Readiness Level 1(TRL1) to TRL 9. We establish detailed fabrication processes in order to strictly comply with design specifications. Our manufacturing capability extends to analog and digital electronics, plastic and metal parts. We leverage resources of our qualified partners for producing parts that require machining or injection molded fabrication. We develop production test stations with industrial engineered concepts for balancing of the workload to maximize throughput. Our software team produces automated test programs to conduct performance tests at the end of the manufacturing process.

To ensure sustaining quality and performance in the manufacturing process we utilize statistical process controls (SPC) to meet product specifications as per customer’s requirements. Specifically, we achieve process capability, repeatability and consistency of a manufacturing process relative to the customer requirements by guaranteeing we meet specification limits of a given product parameter. This measure is used to objectively measure the degree to which our process is meeting the requirements. This allows us to determine a deviation of a given parameter so that appropriate measures can be taken. Statistical parameters are generated in our inspection systems and routinely tracked by computers to achieve the desired results. Our capability in this area is also enhanced by our multiple manufacturing partners in the region with whom we can rely to increase manufacturing capacity.