Patent Pending

Company has filed two patents for Cybersecurity

SN 15619099, Isolation System for Cybersecurity
Integrated Circuit (IC) Combines hardware state machines and dynamic high grade encryption software techniques to maximize protection of workstations, networks, and critical industrial infrastructure from unauthorized access.  Architecture and operation of the IC has a superior level of immunity to Cyber-attacks and can be implemented with Field Programmable Gate Arrays.

SN 62404844, Cybersecurity Protection for Internet of Things
Inventions includes comprehensive measures targeted to provide Cybersecurity SN to systems incorporating Internet of Things (IoT) units and Client-Server operations.  Measures include embedded white lists, buffer overrun protection, code obfuscation in an IoT.  System protection includes tunneling and multiple encryption for wireless communication channels.  Server protection consists of data at rest encryption and other Server protection measures.

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