Contract: N00178-16-D-8332

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David Peterson, Business Development

Phone: 757-285-2358

Jorge Sanchez, PE, President/CEO

Office: 858-486-2816

Mobile: 858-204-6746


Cybersecurity: Server security, embedded code security, Wireless communications security, Encryption

Software Engineering: Server application development Wireless communications Software Embedded control systems Mobile app development Test & evaluation Configuration management/process improvement

Computer Systems: Architecture and design of large computers, Mathematical modeling of program exception speed, Tradeoff analysis between hardware and software, Software models data dependencies analysis, Benchmark testing, Prototyping of high speed systems, Embedded computers and control systems

Electronic Systems: Analog and digital circuit design, Circuit simulation, Precision instrumentation and sensors, Amplifier design, Power supplies/power electronics, Design and Test of Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3), EMC, EMP, ESD, Tempest

Communications: Fiber optic communications, Semiconductor laser controls, Radio communications circuits

Reengineering and Manufacturing: Precision mechanical parts fabrication, Technology refreshment of electronics assemblies, Metrology, Quality Assurance, Reliability and Safety


Team Information

JPS formed a diverse team of large and small companies experienced in Seaport-e Engineering services. The combined talent and locations of these companies led by JPS allow responsive, professional, and high-quality support to the Unites States Navy and the DoD. JPS’ Team plans to maximize efficiency and contain costs through established approaches proven to win business and fully support Seaport-e customers.  JPS’ Team supports 5 geographic zones: Zone 2 National Capital, Zone 3 Mid Atlantic, Zone 4 Gulf Coast, Zone 5 Midwest, Zone 6 Southwest

PKL Services
Functional Area(s): 3.1,3.10,3.11,3.17, 3.18,3.18,3.19,3.20,3.21,3.22

Epsilon System Solutions, Inc
Functional Area(s): All except 3.8, 3.9, 3.15, 3.16, 3.22

Quality Innovative Solutions, Inc.
Functional Area(s): 3.18

Applied Logistics Services
Functional Area(s): 3.10, 3.17, 3.19
Functional Area(s): 3.3

Valkyrie Enterprises
Functional Area(s): 3.2, 3.5,3.7,3.11,3.13,3.15,3.14,3.18,3.19

Alion Science and Technology Corporation,
Functional Area(s): 3.1, 3.2,3.2,3.3,3.4,3.5,3.6,3.7,3.8,3.10,3.12

Quality Assurance

JPS provide’s exceptional engineering services. As part of our company culture, our highly qualified engineers use best standards and practices to ensure the services being provided are the highest level of quality.  JPS’s engineering work is reviewed by State of California licensed professional engineer.  (ISO certification is in process.)

Task Orders

Task Orders issued to JPS Engineering Corporation will be posted to this site as they are awarded.